Welcome to the Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students, or SLUgS for short! We are UC Berkeley's official student linguistics society, and we're glad you've made your way to our website. Revived in 2005 by the by the now-renowned linguist David J. Peterson, this organization hosts the brightest young minds of the linguistic world in a colloquium that facilitates open, rapid learning.

With amazing activities such as monolingual elicitation and tourings of the Phonology Lab, our members can have hands-on experience that can benefit them as an early introduction to linguistic field work. A collection of widely recognized and respected linguists are come every semester to educate our members on many facets of the field: translation, field research, computational linguistics, and even conlanging.

Find us every Thursday at 5PM in 1229 Dwinelle!

1st Annual Linguistics Symposium 2016
1st Annual Linguistics Symposium 2016: Larry Hyman
1st Annual Linguistics Symposium 2016: Presenters
Slugs at Calapalooza
Playing Concept! on Board Game Day
Bay Area Esperanto Meetup
Cups for use in Carbon Palatography
Slugs try Carbon Palatography!